The best free online tools for learning Swedish

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Hello beautiful reader, this is MySwedish and today we are going to talk about the best free online tools for learning Swedish. I You can actually get fluent without spending a single penny. Let’s get started!

Language applications

There are several language applications that can really help you kick start you learning process. Most of them are for free.


Duolingo is an awesome tool and makes studying easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this app for anybody who studies foreign languages. The desktop version is totally free which makes it number one on the market.


Memrise is a valuable source of vocabulary and other study materials. You can even create your own lessons on Memrise and share it with others.


Digitalaspåret is a very good web site (Swedish) where one can find various study materials. You can choose your level and then listen, read and study new vocabulary there. Totally recommend this one.


Google is usually a go to tool when it comes to translations but there are many others, high-quality applications worth mentioning.

Would you need to translate anything from English to Swedish, use You get the exact translation of the word you are looking for with examples and usage. I personally love this site and recommend to ctrl+d it.

Once you become better at Swedish you will probably want to find synonyms to the words you already know in Swedish. You can find them on a very nice online tool where you can find not only translations but also language forums and there is one on Nordic languages as well.

Watch, read and listen

Listening, reading and watching is the best way to learn a new language and become fluent really fast. Here comes a…




Start learning Swedish from scratch with pleasure and joy!